Do you have what it takes to be Australia's next

professional gamer?

We are looking for Australia's Next professional gamer. Applicants will be judged on their game play and screen presence.

Successful shortlisted applicants must be available for an online qualifier from August 12th - 16th. Finalists must be available August 19 - September 6 to join us in Sydney at The Next Gamer.

All applicants need to be 18 or over and based in Australia and must agree to the terms and conditions.

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Full Name
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If you have previously competed in any tournaments or played on a team in the past.
Please record a short video explaining why we should pick you to become Australia's Next Gamer. We would love to see your personality shine through on camera. (YouTube/Vimeo link)
I understand that if successful I need to be free from August 12th to September 6th. *
I agree to the Terms and Conditions and agree that I will be 18 or over before August 12th *